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Latest Adobe Update: Our new UXP panels are compatible with Photoshop v23.4.1

After a critical issue was found and fixed by the Photoshop team in version 23.4, which was announced last week, a new version 23.4.1 was swiftly released, however, some new error messages began popping up in the UXP panels.

We have now updated the new UXP panels to be fully compatible with v23.4.1 and it is now safe to update Photoshop to the latest version.

IMPORTANT! If you downloaded and installed your UXP panel before June 22, 2022, please re-download it from your account and re-install it following these installation instructions. If you need to reset your license activation, please shoot us a quick support email and we will do it for you.

We are currently working on adding the activation reset buttons right into your user account, so you will be able to reset your activation without our help in the near future.

And you will need to reset your activation every time you buy a new computer and want to install your UXP panels in place of an old one, or when you purchase new UI (skins) for your UXP panel, which we will also make available in the upcoming months! 😊