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Adobe: Roll back Photoshop 23.4 to 23.3.2 (UPDATED)

Please do not update Photoshop to 23.4 or 23.4.1 at this time.

Adobe Support Community: Roll back Photoshop 23.4 to 23.3.2 “The Photoshop team has found a critical issue with the 23.4 desktop release and recommends rolling back to the previous release.”

There is an avalanche of new bug reports from Photoshop users from around the globe on the Adobe Support forum, which our developers are monitoring. In the meantime, please stay on 23.3.2 (there are no changes relevant to retouching in the latest versions) while the new errors and bugs are being sorted out.


If you have already updated to 23.4 or 23.4.1, you will need to roll back to 23.3.2 otherwise you will be getting all sorts of errors, including the “The command “Move” is not currently available” when pressing any buttons on the new UXP panels.

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