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RA Panels Customer Support

Before You Submit a Support Ticket

First and foremost, rest assured that we are result-oriented and we will help resolve any panel-related issues you may have.



Review the enclosed User Manual PDF to learn how to use your RA Panel scripts.

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Follow these simple installation instructions for your panel and its additional features.

Find the common download and installation questions and troubleshooting steps.


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    1. What is the panel you are having trouble with?

    Beauty Retouch PanelMUA Retouch PanelPixel Juggler Panel


    2. Your Operating System and Adobe Photoshop Version?

    Operating System (Mac or Win)
    Mac OSWindows


    Adobe Photoshop Version (for example 21.1.0 or CC2020)
    Find these at Photoshop > Help > System Info


    3. Please describe the error in as much detail as possible:

    Please keep in mind that every computer configuration is different, and in order for us to help you quickly, we need to know as much detail as possible about the issue you have encountered. Please tell us what happened, when it happened and what error notification you are seeing. Screenshots will be very helpful! Please use your Creative Cloud storage, Google Drive or Dropbox to include the link to your screenshot in the body of your message. No WeTransfer, or other downloadable links, please.


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