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Beauty Retouch Panel Training

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This essential training was designed to introduce you to each section of the Beauty Retouch panel, help you build your own proper retouching workflow, and prepare you for the successful use of the panel.

If you are completely new to Photoshop and would like to learn retouching at a professional level, be sure to begin with our best-selling new Retouching Jumpstart course. Use discount code RTJMP20 for $20 off for Beauty Retouch panel users.

Otherwise, take your time! There is no need to overwhelm yourself. Focus on absorbing all the new information so you can properly implement it into your work.


📌 NOTE! The Beauty Retouch panel’s user interface may change over time, however, that does not affect the use of the scripts demonstrated in the video tutorials.


This training is available free of charge to Beauty Retouch panel users with an active account on our RA Lab website. If you are a registered user, log in here.

Check out our MUA Retouch Panel and what it does in comparison to the Beauty Retouch panel here. Photo by @juliakuzmenko


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