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RA Panels

All panels are updated to support Photoshop CC2021. Please read more below.



All website pages and features are fully operational.


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All automated emails are being dispatched without any issues.


Tech Support

Our Customer & Tech Support function in accordance with our Support Policy.

Current Events & Announcements

Adobe Photoshop 22.3 on Apple M1 computers (Apple Silicone)

Oct 22, 2020

Please note that Photoshop v22.3 does not support legacy extensions (under the Window menu) on Apple Silicone, so our panels cannot be installed on Apple M1 computers.

Updated Panels for Adobe Photoshop CC2021

Oct 22, 2020

We have updated the RA Panels to support Photoshop CC2021 and made the new installation files available in your Member Account.

Please follow these instructions to update your RA Panels:RA Panels Updated for Photoshop CC2021

Past Incidents & Updates

November 2020

No incidents reported.

Database Upgrade

Scheduled for Oct 23, 08:00-10:00 PDT

Our website will be down for about 30-40 minutes to perform major database upgrades. This time was chosen as it is our lower active user time. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Adobe Photoshop CC2021 Update

Oct 20, 2020

A very small percentage of our users report issues with the migration of our panels while updating Photoshop CC2020 to CC2021.

If you already have the RA Panels installed in your copy of Photoshop CC2020 and are planning to update Photoshop to CC2021, please refer to this blog post for the recommended update settings.

If you have just purchased our panels, please note that our developers are currently updating the installation software to support Photoshop CC2021 – this process may take a few days to code and test on Mac and Win computers. Please contact our support team and they will help with manual installation if you prefer not to wait until the new installation files are available.

Once our panels are updated, they will become available in your Member Account for download and we will make an announcement in our Facebook group as well as in the stories of our Instagram accounts @retouchingacademy and @retouchingpanels.

September 2020

No incidents reported.

If you are experiencing an issue not listed here, please contact support.

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