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If you use our panels on a daily basis, we encourage you to NOT update Photoshop as soon as a new update is rolled out by Adobe. If you, however, decide that it is imperative for you to update Photoshop to a newly-released version immediately, be sure to check Import Previous Settings and Preferences and uncheck Remove Old Versions (see the screenshot below) when updating. You can remove the older version after you confirm that everything is

We are delighted to announce that our new UXP RA Panels are ready for their official release after almost a year in development as well as a full month of field testing to confirm that everything works as designed with hundreds of our existing customers who have already upgraded their old panels to the new UXP panels. This has been a massive time-, labor-, effort- and resource-consuming project as we not only re-coded our old (legacy)

Please do not update Photoshop to 23.4 or 23.4.1 at this time. Adobe Support Community: Roll back Photoshop 23.4 to 23.3.2 "The Photoshop team has found a critical issue with the 23.4 desktop release and recommends rolling back to the previous release." There is an avalanche of new bug reports from Photoshop users from around the globe on the Adobe Support forum, which our developers are monitoring. In the meantime, please stay on 23.3.2 (there are no changes

Dear RA Panel users, As always, we'd like to remind you to not rush to update to the newest version of Photoshop, if you are using the RA Panels, or any third-party Photoshop extensions for that matter. We know that you are very excited to try out the new features, but please take a moment and read this first! We have received a couple of reports about issues migrating our panels from Photoshop CC2021 to CC2022, and

Dear artists! We have updated the RA Panels to support Photoshop CC2021 and made the new installation files available in your Member Account. Please follow these instructions to update your RA Panels: If you have just purchased our panels, you can download them from your Member Account and install them following the relevant installation instructions. If you already had our panels installed in an earlier version of Photoshop, you can now go ahead and update your Photoshop to CC2021.

Dear RA Panel users, Today Adobe released a new version of Photoshop. We know that you are very excited to try out all of the new features, but please take a moment and read this first! We have received a few reports about issues migrating our panels from Photoshop CC2020 to CC2021. Usually, a very small number of users experience this, but if you use our panels on a daily basis, we would encourage you to NOT update

UPDATE: September 26,  2019 Los Angeles, CA We have not received any error reports during the few weeks that the Beauty Retouch v3.3 Beta panels have been tested (Mac, Win & CS6 versions). The new installation files have now been moved to the main Member Area along with the updated User Manual, please use the same instructions to install the Beauty Retouch v3.3 on your computer: https://retouchingacademylab.com/faq-br/   August 31,  2019 Los Angeles, CA It's been 6 years since the Beauty

Dear RA Panels Users, We've updated our installation software to work with the latest Photoshop version CC2019 (v20) you can download it in your Member Area > Your Downloads. Please visit our Login & Download FAQ Pages if you don't remember how to login. UPDATING YOUR CURRENT PHOTOSHOP VERSION TO CC2019 If you're updating to Photoshop CC 2019 without preserving your current Photoshop version on your computer, the RA Panels do not need to be re-installed - they should show up


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