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New Release: Beauty Retouch v3.2 & Pixel Juggler 2.2

We are happy to announce the release of the newest versions of the Beauty Retouch and Pixel Juggler Panels, which now include their own installers!

In this update, we have responded to the changes in Brush controls in Adobe® Photoshop® CC2018, improved the Magic Eyes script so that it does not increase the size of your PSD files as much as it used to, and simplified panel installation with our new installer! We have also updated the User Manual, so please do dig into it to get to know the Beauty Retouch Panel even better.





Please note that if you have not yet updated your Photoshop to CC2018, updating your panels might not be worth the hassle for you just yet.

If you are ready to update, please go ahead and uninstall the old RA Panels following these instructions: RA Panels Uninstall.



Please go ahead and re-download the installation files for the panels from your Member Area on the Retouching Academy Lab website. Please reset your password if you are not sure you remember it correctly. UNZIP the downloaded package, then follow our instructions:



We have tested the latest RA Panels installation files in the RA Community Group and received a 100% positive feedback so far, but it is next to impossible to ensure that a software will work on absolutely all computers, so if you have any issues installing it, please make sure you have followed the steps exactly as we described, visit our FAQ page for additional suggestions and if you still can’t get it to work, please let us know by submitting a ticket.



As always, we look forward to seeing and sharing your screenshots that feature our panels alongside your beautiful work. Use hashtag #RApanels on any social media where you share your images, and especially in your Instagram Stories! Tag us @retouchingacademy on Instagram in your beauty and fashion editorials for a chance to be featured.

And if you’re ready to retouch professionally, we’re creating a new directory to help working retouchers find new clients and take their business to the next level. Visit our website for details on why and how to become a RA Recommended Retoucher.


Enjoy and happy retouching!


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