I Got Locked Out Of My Account and My IP is Blocked

To avoid such a nuisance, please simply request a new password if you are not sure you remember your old one correctly.

Our website like any business website out there is equipped with automated security protection. It kicks in after multiple incorrect password entry attempts. This security protection is implemented on our website to, among other good reasons, protect our customers’ accounts and information, so that nobody can hack and access their personal data such as email addresses, names and last names.

Please do not type an incorrect password more that 2 times, simply request a new one by clicking "Lost My Password":


lost passowrd

If It Has Already Happened

We are a small team of artists, and we handle customer tickets during our working hours, under the First Come, First Served service policy. It may be longer for you to wait until we handle your ticket, so please come back and check if you can log back in after 3o minutes.

And definitely request a new password then, please.

30 mins

If your IP was blocked please go through with the reCAPTCHA.

Clear Your Browser's Cache & Cookies

If you tried resetting your password and are still getting the "Incorrect Password" error, please simply clear your browser's Cache and Cookies - it may sound cliche, but that is what helps.

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