RA Panels CS6 to CC2014 Installation Guide

If you are updating your panel, please begin by uninstalling the previous version via the Adobe Extension Manager or manually. Then download and unzip the installation package ZIP file from your Member Area on the RA Lab website;

Step 1: Install the correct version of Adobe Extension Manager

Check to see if you have the Adobe Extension Manager (AEM) application already installed on your computer. It must be the version that exactly matches your version of Adobe Photoshop.

For example, Photoshop CS6 only works with Adobe Extension Manager CS6; Photoshop CC2014 works with Adobe Extension Manager CC. Adobe discontinued AEM in 2015, so the following Photoshop versions are not using AEM.

If you don’t have Adobe Extension Manager on your computer, you can download the version that corresponds to your version of Photoshop for free from the following pages:

Adobe Extension Manager CS6 for Adobe Photoshop CS6 (at the bottom of the page).

Adobe Extension Manager CC for Adobe Photoshop CC & CC2014 (at the top of the page).

Step 2: Launch Adobe Extension Manager Application

Launch the Adobe Extension Manager application. On Win make sure to run AEM as Administrator. RA-panel-AEM-red RA-panel-AEM-red-small


Step 3: Install the correct version of the RA panels

There are a few ways to install the RA panels in Adobe Extension Manager:

  • Double-click the BeautyRetouchCS6_[version].zxp installation file for the Beauty Retouch panel, and PixelJuggler_CS6_[version].zxp for the Pixel Juggler.
  • Or click the Install button at the top of the AEM application window;
  • Or press Cmd + O
  • Or follow path  File > Install Extension > Select Extension to Install.

Retouching-academy-Adobe-Extension-Manager-Installation-1 RA-panel-install-here

Navigate to the Beauty Retouch panel installation file BeautyRetouchCS6_[version].zxp via the Install window and select it;

Click Install in the security certificate notification dialog box (CC2014) or the Publisher verification dialog box (CS6 and Windows);

Accept the Extension Manager Disclaimer regarding installation of a third party extension;

RA-panel-AcceptIgnore the following warning and click Install:RA-panel-ignore-red

When the panels are successfully installed, you will see them in the list of extensions in Adobe Extension Manager: RA-panel-installed


Step 4: Launch Photoshop and open the RA Panels

Launch (or restart) Photoshop and open the panel from Window > Extensions menu, given  your Preferences > Plug-ins > Load Extension Panels - is checked;

Be sure to activate the Custom Actions, Brushes and Tool Presets by following these additional installation instructions;

The Pixel Juggler panel can be installed using the same exact steps.


Step 5: Place the RA Panels where you like them in your workspace

We place our RA panels to the left of the main palettes' stacks in our workspaces, which you will see in our various video tutorials, and that works well for large screens.

When we travel and have to work on laptops with smaller screens we stack the panels with the Pixel Juggler behind the Beauty Retouch for convenience.

These are of course just our suggestions, please feel free to find the place in your workspace that is most convenient and comfortable for you.



Installation Instructions for Photoshop CC2015 to the latest:

Follow these installation instruction if you intend to use RA Panels in the later versions of Adobe Photoshop:

Find Help: Retouching Academy Panels FAQ