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07.1 Further Education

Buttom of the Panel

Future Updates

We have made every attempt to ensure our panels work across all platforms and in localized Photoshop versions. It is nearly impossible, however, to predict and avoid all potential errors and bugs in any software, especially considering the frequent changes to Adobe products.

If you happen to run into an issue that is not covered on our FAQ page, please submit a ticket to our designated RA Panels Support Team describing the problem you have encountered and under what circumstances the issue occurred. Please include screenshots where applicable.

The Retouching Academy HQ is located in Los Angeles, CA and we work and provide support in the PST timezone, from 9:00am to 5:00pm, Monday to Friday in accordance with our Support Policy.

Each time a new Adobe Photoshop update causes issues with the RA Panels installation, we update our panels free of charge for registered users. If you use our panels on a daily basis, we would encourage you to NOT update your Adobe Photoshop as soon as the new update is rolled out, or at least keep the current Photoshop version on your computer, so you can continue using our panels. Updating any software takes time and we don’t want you to wait for the panels’  updates without the ability to use them in the meantime. 

The installation files will be updated in your Account on the Retouching Academy Lab website as soon as new versions become available.

We always notify RA Panel users about updates via our RA Lab Inner Circle Email, social media and blog, so be sure to sign up and follow!


When the User Actions are activated they are empty and ready for you to replace them with your own custom actions in the A-F placeholders.


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