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03.1 Magical Skin Tone

D&B Setup Options & Brushes

The DB Curves button will add Curves Adjustment layers with black layer masks for Dodging & Burning, as well as a set of Visual Aid layers so you can begin to perform the technique in the blink of an eye.

The DB Gray button is for those who prefer using the 50% Gray layers setup when Dodging & Burning. There’s no right or wrong method, provided you’re comfortable with the process and know how to achieve the outcome you’re after. 

When working with this method, you will paint directly on the layers in the 50% Gray Layer setup, which allows you to introduce color right at the time of dodging and burning when needed. 

The two D&B brushes, designed in accordance with the built-in settings of this Dodge & Burn setup, will allow you to achieve the best quality results when working on the Dodge & Burn layers via either setup – Curves or 50% Gray Layers.

The upper D&B Brush button is a soft brush set to 100% Opacity and 1% Flow, and its size is only 10px, so it is ideal for local skin retouching on full images (portrait, fashion, beauty) shot on most modern digital cameras. The lower D&B Brush button has exactly the same settings, but its size is 300px, so pick it up when you need a larger brush.

The second row of buttons of the Dodge & Burn section of the panel has separate Dodge and Burn layers in the form of Curves, a single DB Gray layer and Visual Aid buttons. Use them when you need to add any of those layers independently, which can be handy when you need to perform another round of just dodging or just burning and don’t need the full setup. 


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