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04.1 Solar Curve

Face, Makeup & Hair Retouching

Solar Curve


Before submitting retouched images to your client or a magazine, use our Quality Control scripts to help perform some final checks.

The Solar Curve script will create a visual aid layer, which will help you find any flyaway hairs, dust spots, and other unwanted artifacts on the background. This quality control procedure is especially important if your image is destined for print. Often, some details may be invisible on your screen but can show up in print  — an oversight that could damage your professional reputation.

Run the script and inspect the background, looking at it through the Solar Curve Adjustment layer.

If you do find any missed stray hairs or dust spots, remove them with the Healing Brush Tool and/or the Clone Stamp Tool on the underlying empty layer — just make sure the sampling of the tool is set to Current & Below.

Delete the Solar Curve layer after everything is corrected.

Check studio and gradient background with our Solar Curve script.


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