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02.3 Digital Skin Texture


Digital skin texture

Human skin in a digital image is nothing but a mix of pixels of various values within a consistent set of colors. We have created the Digital Skin Texture script to simulate the look of human skin texture when you need it.

Sometimes when your subject’s skin surface has quite a few visible issues to correct, such as acne, discoloration, wrinkles, scarring, etc., it is possible that after the initial skin cleanup work is done, the skin may look too “soft” and lack its original texture in some areas. 

If you ever run into this issue, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! The Digital Skin Texture button will create a layer that contains artificial texture and hide it under a black layer mask. All you need to do is selectively uncover the areas where the skin is lacking texture.

HOW TO USe: Digital skin texture

Run the Digital Skin Texture script. This script will create a layer that contains artificial skin texture and hide it under a black layer mask;

Selectively uncover the areas where the skin is lacking texture;

You might have to adjust the size of the texture layer under the mask if it is too small for the image you’re retouching: simply click on the link icon that connects the digital texture layer with its layer mask to unlink them. Then click on the digital texture layer icon and activate the Free Transform tool by pressing Command (CTRL) + T. The last step is to enlarge the layer until the size of the digital texture matches the size of the original skin texture in the image. To do that, press and hold the SHIFT key  (in older versions of PS) while pulling one of the Free Transform corner anchors outward;

Press Enter to accept the Free Transform tool manipulations.


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