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    Welcome to RA Lab!

    Quick Start Guide

    Thank you for your purchase!

    We are super excited to welcome you to the RA Panels users worldwide family!

    Your Downloads: Find the panel installation files in the Downloads tab of your Member Account.

    Your Invoice & Order Details: We have also sent an email titled Your Retouching Academy Lab order is now complete which contains your order details as well as a downloadable PDF invoice for your records.


    Begin using your panel following these steps:


    Installation: Follow these installation instructions precisely to avoid any issues and delays: Installation & FAQ


    Free Video Courses: Take the free course available to you depending on the panel you purchased: RA Panels Free Video Courses.


    Panel Script Tutorials: Watch your panel Video Tutorials. You may only need to review each video once to understand the logic behind each script, so you can use it the way it was designed to be used, get the best out of your panel’s functions, and get more retouching work done faster without compromising its quality!


    Share: Tag us in your Instagram posts and stories to get your beautiful work featured along with our panels on @retouchingpanels.


    Please reach out to our Support Team if you need any help!

    Enjoy & Happy Retouching!

    Review this Quick Start Guide PDF for all UXP panels.

    Review this Quick Start Guide PDF for MUA Retouch panels only.