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If You Have Just Purchased the Panel: Create your account via the link in the email Important: Complete your RA Lab registration that we have just sent you. If you paid with PayPal, this email was sent to the email address associated with your PayPal account. If you haven’t received it, please visit this FAQ page.


If You Have Just Reinstated Your Account: Your new account has just been created on our new website, you can download the panel from Your Downloads page now.

To begin using your panel, please follow these steps:


Login with your Username or email address to download the installation files from your Member Account;



Follow these simple installation instructions to install the panel you have purchased in Photoshop.


3 Review the User Manual PDF enclosed with the installation files, and watch our Video Tutorials to learn the proper way to use your panel.


Please reach out to our designated Support Team if you encounter any technical issues with your login or installation – we’re here to help!

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Review the enclosed User Manual PDF to learn how to use your panel’s scripts.

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Follow these simple installation instructions for your panel and its additional features.

Find the common download and installation questions and troubleshooting steps.


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