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Photo & Retouch: Tatan Zuleta


Photo & Retouch: Alex Suhorucov, Dubai photographer, MUA: Sumarie BouwerModel: Ginevra Nency


Thank you for RA Panel
I have made easy Retouching and still I am training to get a better result 🙂
Greetings to all of you from Egypt!

Retouch: Mahmoud AhmedEgypt
Photo: Horacio Casadey

Photo & Video: Lisa ÉvoluerMakeup Artist and retoucher, Malta

Thanks to the retouching panel my workflow is much faster and I save a lot of time. It’s totally worth it to spend the money. I would like to thank the Retouching Academy for creating such a great panel! My favourite tool is the “magic eye”-tool, with this the eyes look much more alive and vivid.

Lisa ÉvoluerMakeup Artist  and retoucher,


As a fashion and beauty photographer & retoucher, I am always looking for ways to speed up and simplify my retouching workflow. In my search I've seen a lot of plugins out there that blur skin and cut corners, and that wasn't what I wanted.  

Finding the RA Beauty Retouch Panel was exactly what I have been looking for.  

It has helped me speed up my workflow without sacrificing quality, making not only me a very happy photographer/retoucher, but more importantly my clients. 

Réjean Brandt, Fashion & Beauty Photographer and Retoucher, 
Facebook: Réjean Brandt Photography

Photo & Video: Michele ScimèEditorial & Fashion photographer, Italy


Hi I'm Michele Scimè, I'm an Italian photographer, thanks to RA panels retouching my pictures is easier than before, I save a lot of time post producing and at the end I'm more satisfied of what comes out.

Greetings from Italy!

-  Michele Scimè, Editorial & Fashion Photographer, Italy
Facebook: Michele Scimè Photography | Make your Choice


I've been using RA Panel for my beauty portrait retouching for the last 1 year. It helped me to speed up workflow and increase the quality of the finished products!

Duke Pham,Fashion Portrait & Commercial Photography, New Jersey.
Facebook: DukePro Photography


Thank you Julia Kuzmenko McKim and the Retouching Academy team! Loving #RAPANEL and #PixelJuggler... definitely worth the $69. I'm so glad I was able to purchase during the sale. I do not even touch the Actions palette anymore...

My workflow is much much much faster, and everything you want is right there, no more hunting - where did I put that action and scrolling through multiple actions to get the one you want....

I highly recommend this product to everyone in Retouching Academy, if you have not gotten it, get it!

Tony Pardi, Fashion & Portrait Photographer, Chicago, Illinois, US

- Paolo Lombardi - Photographer - Italy

I'm a new photographer and as soon as I have heard about it I immediately wanted it and now I can't live without! It's very very easy to use and now I use it always for my beauty photography and also for my landscapes photography. I like the Magical Skin Tones and I also use it for my skies!

 With the RA Panel I have reduced production time by 25% and with more practice I'm sure I'll be even faster. I like it and I recommend it because it's very very helpful!

- Paolo Lombardi - Photographer - Italy

Photo: Domenico Lupone, Junior Retoucher, Italia, Milano

Excellent product I am very satisfied! Greetings from Ecuador!

- Luis Lema, Studio Photography, Professional Video & Multimedia

Dear Julia & the Team,

Thanks so much for the wonderful RA panels which make things easier, faster and nicer to look at when working in Photoshop.

I use the panels a lot now, although trying to transition between one's own beloved actions can be a bit challenging, but the fact that people are doing it is a good indicator of how incredible the panels are.

Victoria Behun, Retouching & Beauty Photography,
London, United Kingdom

I am so pleased for purchasing RA Panel! It helps me a lot with my retouching in this stage of my career! I enjoy every minute working with it because it saves me so much time and everything is very easy!

I would like to thank Julia Kuzmenko McKim and the Retouching Academy team for putting so much effort into these panels.

- Martina Todorova‎, Fashion & Portrait Photographer,
London, United Kingdom

I got to use The Beauty Retouch Workflow Accelerator and WOW! I seriously am loving this thing! The Anti-Pink & Magical Skin Tone scripts are outstanding! It really has sped up my workflow. Thank you all so much for the time and energy you pros put in for the community here!

- Westley Leon Studios, Weddings, Events,
Concerts & Fashion Photography


Thank you so much for creating the RA panels! I am addicted, my work flow speed has increased 100 % and my editing skills... super easy to use!


I have tested the RA panels, and I am pleasantly surprised by the amount of time you save by having the main retouching techniques within a click. It shows it is created by the professionals in the field because these panels help resolve many common problems in retouching.

The Magical Skin Tone script - is the hit number one for me! Fixing skin tones has never been so easy, fast and perfect.

With some notion on the subject of retouching you can use these panels without any problems, and the best thing is everything is customizable within the layers.

It is a highly recommended tool for photographers and retouchers.  Huge congratulations to the RA panel creators for the innovation they have achieved.

- Gonzalo Ramos Solis, Photographer and Retoucher
Fashion and Advertising. Mérida, Yucatán. Mexico.

Retouched using the RA panel - LOVE this panel, my work flow speed has increased and the ease of use is amazing!

Top notch product!

- Vicky Quenault‎, Fashion & Portrait Photographer, 
Christchurch, New Zealand

The Beauty Retouch panel is always by my side, it has really helped speed up my workflow with the commands and actions I need in one place.

The panel also contains a set of additional tools that go beyond just speeding up my workflow, and has actually helped to improve my workflow, with tools like the Magical Skin Tone, Hair Removal and Magic eyes  I have new techniques that really help solve difficult retouching challenges I have faced and did not have a good way to solve them.

I would recommend the panel to both accomplished retouchers and to retouchers starting on their journey.

Shamil ShahPhotographer and retoucher,
London, UK


Saves a lot of my time, retouch gets comfortable and makes my work much easier !

Viktor Schander, People Photographer,
Zweibrueken, Germany  

It became an essential part of my workspace! I did my last retouching with it and I've learned some good tips with the videos tutorials. My speed workflow increased. The best money I've spent this year is definitely for the RA panels! Good job!

- Fabien Harrow, Commercial Photographer & Retoucher,
Paris, France

I had chance to use only beauty retouch panel, and I love it! It helps to cut down time to edit images not only beauty but all portraits. Thank you for this product.

- Yevgeniy Zakharkin, Portrait, Music and Landscape Photographer, 
Las Vegas, Nevada, US

Dear Julia & Team,

 I was overtasking my workflow with many of the retouching actions I created. Your panels simplified the whole Photoshop retouching process delivering detailed and beautiful images.   

Charles JacksonJ Rome Classic Photography
Fredericksburg, Virginia