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Check out our best-seller the Beauty Retouch panel.

Compatible with Apple Silicon / M1/M2 Apple computers


Pixel Juggler UXP

Compatible with Adobe® Photoshop® CC2021 (v22.0) and later for Win & Mac OS

$39.00  FREE

We created the Pixel Juggler UXP panel to simplify access to regularly used Photoshop© functions which are typically hidden in various submenus.

We also added a few custom scripts and tools that will complement our Beauty Retouch and MUA Retouch UXP panels’ functionality for your retouching of beauty, fashion, and portrait images.

Please visit this page for installation instructions.

Compare RA Panels

The MUA Retouch and the Beauty Retouch panels were developed with different creative professionals in mind. Compare their purposes and scripts to see which one best fits your skill level and artistic goals.

Who Is The Pixel Juggler Panel For?

Anyone interested in saving time while working in Adobe® Photoshop®.

This smart UXP panel is a great addition to our Beauty Retouch and MUA Retouch panels.


✅   Adobe® Photoshop® CC2021 (v22.0) and later (Mac OS or Win).

✅   You must have at least some basic retouching skills to successfully use this panel. If you are a complete beginner, check out our Retouching Jumpstart video course (also available in an affordable rental format).

What’s Included

Included in your purchase:

  • One Pixel Juggler UXP license + first year of Maintenance & Support subscription;
  • Compatible with Windows and Mac OS;
  • Discounted access to available interface (UI) versions;
  • Access to video tutorials, bonus materials & other RA product discounts.

The instant digital download includes:

  • Installation CCX file (Adobe Creative Cloud);

Support & Updates

Please refer to our FAQ page for instant answers or contact our Support Team; we are always here to help if you have any issues with our panels.

With an active Maintenance subscription on our website ($29.00/yr), you will have access to the updated RA panels installation files free of charge, every time Adobe releases new Photoshop versions.

We encourage you to hold off updating Photoshop to the latest version right away, to allow our development team to update our panels, so you don’t have to stop using our panels at any point before we release the updates.

Photography & Retouching by @juliakuzmenko

Beauty Retouch UXP/ Full Version (Basic UI) + Pixel Juggler UXP

We also make sure to announce when our panels are updated on our social media pages as well as in our Facebook community group.