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    MUA Retouch UXP Panel

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    Compatible with Adobeยฎ Photoshopยฎ CC2021 (v22.0) and later for Win & Mac OS,
    incl. Apple Silicon / M1 & M2 Apple computers

    Billed Annually

    Save 47% with annual payment

    Maintenance & Support โ€“ $29.00/yr

    Version (UI):

    Billed Monthly

    Small, easy monthly payments

    Maintenance & Support โ€“ $4.99/m

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    Version (UI):

    Included in your purchase:

    • One MUA Retouch UXP license (2 computers), compatible with Win and Mac OS;
    • First year (or month) of Maintenance & Support subscription;
    • Designated RA Panels Tech & Administrative Support;
    • Free access to updated installation files for new Adobe Photoshop versions;
    • Discounted access to all interface (UI) versions;
    • Free exclusive Photoshop Basics video course (self-paced);
    • Free access to Video Tutorials and bonus materials;
    • Exclusive discounts for RA Retouching Courses;
    • Exclusive discounts for premium beauty retouching practice files;
    • Exclusive free practice files + educational videos (be sure to subscribe to the MUA Retouch User Program via the email you will receive from us upon this purchase).

    The instant digital download includes:

    • Installation CCX file (Adobe Creative Cloud);
    • Additional Features installer (.jsx);
    • Additional Features: our custom Brushes, Actions, and Tools.

    Installation instructions, Video Tutorials, and the free Photoshop Basics Courseย are accessible via your Member Account upon purchase.

    Please refer to our FAQ page for instant answers or contact our Support Team; we are always here to help if you have any issues with our panels.

    Select Your User Interface (UI) Option:

    MUA Retouch UXP Panel in Basic (UI)ย 

    MUA Retouch UXP Panel in Peaches & Cream (UI)ย 

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