Where Can I Find the PDF User Manual, Brushes and the Video Tutorials?


You will find the 22-page PDF User Manual in the unzipped installation package.

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Video Tutorials

The video tutorials in the User Manual are linked to a page on our website, which is accessible for our Beauty Retouch customers only: www.retouchingacademylab.com/beauty-retouch-panel-video-tutorials.

You can watch them when reading the User Manual, or simply access them on the website.

D&B Brush Tool Presets

The Tool Presets for the Dodge & Burn brushes can be found in the + Installation Files folder in the downloaded and decompressed ZIP package.

Please be sure to install them as your would any other Tool Presets. Watch our installation video or this short video on Tool Presets, if you are not sure how to do that.

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Find Help: Retouching Academy Panels FAQ

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