RA Panels Return Policy

The Beauty Retouch v3.0 has been successfully tested with the following officially licensed versions of Adobe® Photoshop®: CS6, CC2014 and CC 2015, on both Mac OSX and Windows-based computers.

Like our other products, the Beauty Retouch Workflow Accelerator is a digital download product, and as such, cannot be returned according to our Terms & Conditions.

Please verify that your system and software are capable of running the Beauty Retouch panel by downloading our free Pixel Juggler product, a handy Photoshop extension panel also coded in HTML5.

If you can successfully instal the Pixel Juggler panel, the Beauty Retouch panel will be easily installed and function as intended as well.

99,9% of our happy customers had no problems installing and running both our panels. Make sure to check our FAQ page if you run into any installation issues  - we have covered all possible technical problems there.

If you can't find the answer, please submit a ticket explaining the issue in as much details as possible, attach a screenshot of the error you're getting via your Dropbox or via tinypic.com.


Find Help: Retouching Academy Panels FAQ