RA Panels: Software Product License

A software license is an authorization by the owners of a software product allowing a customer to use the product.

In the software industry, products are normally licensed rather than sold ― by paying to use the software you do not automatically “own” it. Rather, you purchase a license to use the product subject to certain conditions.

A single user may install and use one copy of our software product ("Beauty Retouch" and/or "Pixel Juggler" Photoshop extension panels) on up to 4 (four) computers for his or her sole use across his or her home, office, and studio stations, which can be laptops and desktops.

By purchasing and downloading and/or installing our software products ("Beauty Retouch" and/or "Pixel Juggler" Photoshop extension panels), you agree to abide by the terms of  this license.

When you purchase a license to our panels, it is a one-time purchase that allows you to stay "subscribed" to have access to our Member Area indefinitely where we update the plugin for our customers to re-download from indefinitely.

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