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Pixel Juggler Panel


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If you are updating the panel, please first remove all traces of the previous version by locating and deleting the PixelJuggler folder/folders on your computer.

Step 1: Double-Click the Installation File

Once you have downloaded and unzipped the installation package, double-click the PixelJuggler.dmg (Mac OS) or PixelJuggler.exe (Win) installation file.

? If an Unidentified Developer notification pops up on your Mac OS, please follow these steps.

You will be prompted to drag-and-drop or copy the PixelJuggler.app to your Applications (Mac OS) or Programs (Win) directory.

Step 2: Run the Pixel Juggler Installer

Navigate to the Applications (Mac OS) or Programs (Win) directory and double-click on the Pixel Juggler installer app to install the panel.

Step 3: Launch Photoshop & Activate the Panel

Activate the panel in Photoshop via Window > Extensions.

Our Tip: Panel Placement

We recommend placing the RA panels to the left of the default Photoshop palette stacks one above the other in your workspace, which you will see in our various video tutorials for the Beauty Retouch and MUA Retouch panels. This setup works well for large screens.

When traveling or working on a laptop with a smaller screen we recommend stacking the panels with the Pixel Juggler behind the Beauty Retouch or MUA Retouch panels for your convenience (pictured on the right).

Happy Retouching!

Installation Video Guide

If you’re having trouble completing the installation process, please contact our Customer Support team.

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