I Have Purchased the Panel, Where Can I Find the Download Files?

You will find the download ZIP packages for both Beauty Retouch & Pixel Juggler panels in your RA Lab Member Area.


Login to our website with the User ID you created at the time of the purchase via this page: https://retouchingacademylab.com/wp-login.php


If you are unsure, please request a new Password, rather than trying a few incorrect ones, because the website will treat the multiple incorrect password entry attempts as a hacker attack trying to login into our customer's account, and will block your IP after a few


In your Member Area click to download the following files:

  • Beauty Retouch - installation package for the Beauty Retouch panel (ZIP file)
  • Pixel Juggler - installation package for the Pixel Juggler panel (ZIP file)
  • The ZXPinstaller software installation file (right under the installation files)



Please UNZIP the downloaded installation packages on your computer. You will see the following contents in the decompressed folders (see image below). Please begin by reading the READ ME FIRST.pdf file, it will walk your through the installation process. The User Manual will help you get to know each and every button on the panels, and video tutorials on our website will show how they work. You will find the ZXP installation files in the + Installation File subfolder as shown in the image below. Please download the ZXPInstaller software from the Member Area on the website, then drag the ZXP file into it to install the panels. Once the panels are installed, you will find them here.

Find Help: Retouching Academy Panels FAQ