1. Please Check Your Junk Mail Folder

Please make sure to check your Junk Mail folder. If your mailbox is located on your proprietary domain (for example, contact@johnsmith.com), it has most likely been captured by your spam filter, and is kept in the Junk Mail folder on your server – proprietary domains as opposed to public mail services such as GMAIL, HOTMAIL or YAHOO, often filter out automated email and prevent it from getting into your mailbox.

2. Clear Your Browser’s Cache & Cookies

You tried resetting your password but keep getting the “Incorrect Password” error, please simply clear your browser’s Cache and Cookies.

In Google Chrome you can find it via Chrome > Clear Browsing Data… 


2. Enter Your Password Manually WITHOUT Symbols

If simple Cache clearing did not help:

  1. Try entering your password manually, instead of using the suggested password.
  2. When creating your new password, avoid using symbols and case changes completely





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