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Check out our best-seller the Beauty Retouch panel.
Compatible with Adobe® Photoshop® CC for Win & Mac OS


Please note that Adobe had made legacy Photoshop extensions incompatible with M1/M2 Apple computers (Apple Silicon) in the latest versions of Photoshop. Only our new UXP panels are compatible: Beauty Retouch UXP Panel


Beauty Retouch Panel

$69.00 USD

The Beauty Retouch Panel is a smart Photoshop extension designed to help you simplify and speed up your retouching workflow. Utilizing a few advanced and extremely helpful retouching scripts, as well as the ability to add custom User Actions, the Beauty Retouch panel will also assist you with achieving accurate and repeatable quality retouching results.

Whether you are a freelance retoucher or a professional photographer, this smart retouching panel will help increase your efficiency by performing the tedious, repetitive parts of your routine, save you countless hours of retouching, and allow you to get more work done faster in the long run.

For freelance professionals, this always means a positive impact on their bottom line, and more happy clients.

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Beauty Retouch

Compatible with Adobe® Photoshop® CC for Win & Mac OS

Price: $69.00
Operating System :

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Who Is This Panel For?

Anyone who is interested in retouching images of people in Adobe Photoshop. The Beauty Retouch panel scripts will be especially helpful for beauty, fashion and portrait retouching.


Adobe® Photoshop® CC (Mac OS or Win).
*You must have at least some basic retouching skills to successfully use this panel. If you are a complete beginner, check out our Retouching Jumpstart video course (also available in an affordable rental format).

What’s Included

The instant digital download includes:

  • the installation file for your operating system (Mac or Win);
  • your Software Product License;
  • the User Manual PDF with detailed descriptions of the panel’s buttons and scripts;

You can also watch the Video Tutorials on our website.

Support & Updates

Please refer to our FAQ page for instant answers or contact our Support Team; we are always here to help if you have any issues with our panels.

Every time new Photoshop versions are released by Adobe, we update the RA panels installation files and make them available in our users’ accounts free of charge.

Compare RA Panels

The MUA Retouch and the Beauty Retouch panels were developed with different creative professionals in mind. Compare their purposes and scripts to see which one best fits your skill level and artistic goals.

Our Users' Testimonials

As a fashion and beauty photographer & retoucher, I am always looking for ways to speed up and simplify my retouching workflow. I’ve seen a lot of plugins out there that blur skin and cut corners.

The RA Beauty Retouch Panel is exactly what I have been looking for!

Réjean Brandt, Photographer and Retoucher

Thanks to the Beauty Retouch panel my workflow is much faster and I get to save a lot of time. It’s totally worth the price. I would like to thank Retouching Academy for creating such a great panel! My favourite tool is the “Magic Eyes” tool, with this tool the eyes look much more alive and vivid.

I got the Beauty Retouch panel and WOW! I seriously am loving this thing! The Anti-Pink & Magical Skin Tone scripts are outstanding! It really has sped up my workflow. Thank you all so much for the time and energy you pros put in for the community here!

Westley Leon Studios, Wedding Photographer



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